Finalists 2015

Sr. No. Project ID Company Project Title Region Category
1 7AGZ38 SKF Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd Optimize the pushout force of 70113 seal. Bangalore DFSS (Manufacturing Services & Support)
2 XFJAXJ BEL Design of advanced CDU Bangalore DFSS (Manufacturing Services & Support)
3 E3U0AP SKF Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd Stabilise in house macro phosphating issues using design of experiments Bangalore DMAIC Manufacturing
4 JND5GK WIPRO Infrastructure Engineering Reduction of paint adhesion failure in manual line from
5% to 0.5%
Bangalore DMAIC Manufacturing
5 P4SX79 J K FENNER (I) LTD Reduction of Internal product rejection in Elastic Belt Bangalore DMAIC Manufacturing
6 OC3NAA TAFE Ltd Electro Deposition Paint & Pre Treatment Chemical Consumption Reduction Bangalore DMAIC Manufacturing
7 JRAP2K Ashok Leyland Tool cost reduction in P15 Cylinder Block and Head Line Bangalore DMAIC Manufacturing
8 IKJ29Y Cisco Systems PVT LTd Value Engineering Approach for Cost Reduction of Networking Router Products Bangalore DMAIC Manufacturing
9 OMOC1Z TCS Reduction Of Billed Receivables for SEANAP Bangalore DMAIC Services & Support
10 12W8VL Wipro Technologies Incident Volume Reduction Bangalore DMAIC Services & Support
11 NH1KKF Wipro Technologies MTRS Reduction Bangalore DMAIC Services & Support
12 JORWH7 Infosys BPO Ltd. Reduction of TAT for SOCRATES Study Bangalore DMAIC Services & Support
13 ABRKJA Wipro Technologies Productivity Improvement in IT Services Bangalore DMAIC Services & Support
14 9YJI6H Madura Clothing Efficiency Improvement in Jacket Manufacturing Line Bangalore Lean
15 XQ34LT TCS Reducing Cycle Time in a Service Fulfilment Process Bangalore Lean
16 46R74E J K FENNER (I) LTD Enhancing contribution of Grease seals Bangalore Lean
17 DX8GBT TCS Analytical GPS (Reduction in processing time for Data management ) Bangalore Lean
18 9GL3VR Wipro Limited Applying Lean for Optimizing Software Implementation Cut-over Time Bangalore Lean
19 0P79ES CGI Information Systems and Management consultants Pvt Ltd Infrastructure Prognosis Bangalore Lean
20 TK5FEP Wipro Consumer Care Increase Distilled Fatty Acid TPD in Fatty acid Plant Delhi DMAIC Manufacturing
21 XK99M4 Ashok Leyland To reduce Gear Slippage & Cable cut issue in field. Delhi DMAIC Manufacturing
22 QNCHW3 RIL- Hoshiarpur Manufacturing Division Resolution of chronic Dyeability problem and lower Tensile Properties in PSF from Draw Machine #2 Delhi DMAIC Manufacturing
23 CD9HAG BEL Cycle time reduction in testing of LNA blocks for car projects Delhi DMAIC Manufacturing
24 6H5T3P Wipro Infotech To improve SIM details upload processing time Delhi DMAIC Services & Support
25 J7LIJS Indus Towers Ltd Improvement of DG MTBF Delhi DMAIC Services & Support
26   HCCB Pvt Ltd Shipping Productivity Improvement Delhi Lean
27 7IZSHI Cummins Redesign UL2 Supply Module Pressure Relief valve (PRV) for UL2 diesel exhaust fluid Pune DFSS (Manufacturing Services & Support)
28 WLM2BY RELIANCE IND LTD POLYSTER DIV To increase the R3s Production rate in PSF -2 Plant. Pune DMAIC Manufacturing
29 MJ11C7 HOERBIER INDIA SERIAL TECHNOLOGY Elimination of customer complaint in Electrohousing Pune DMAIC Manufacturing
30 067K2C LARSEN & TURBO to reduce customer complaints of MCB de-latching Pune DMAIC Manufacturing
31 8565XM wipro amalner Reduction in ST-20 Boiler Furnace Oil Consumption Pune DMAIC Manufacturing
32 DU9A2W Reliance life insurance ltd Improvement in conversion from ARF (Advisor recruitment form) to activisation of agency Channel’s Pune DMAIC Services & Support
33 I6M6XJ TCS Improve Cure Rate in Credit Card Collections Pune DMAIC Services & Support
34 ICLQE9 Wipro BPS Inquiries as Defects Pune DMAIC Services & Support
35 919K73 Wipro BPS ONYX and PVO Robotics Pune Lean
36 511FSU wipro walij Improve Luminaire productivity by 40%_x000B_ Pune Lean