About LSSEA 2018

SCMHRD, with Six Sigma & Advanced Controls (SAC), USA, established these awards to recognize and award people in different industries for having pioneered the implementation and execution of various Six Sigma initiatives, thereby extending the scope of Six Sigma methodology globally. A special award was given to the Mumbai Dabbawallas. The seminar redefined benchmarks across the industry for efficiency and excellence – and was organized by operations batch.

13 years since its inception at SCMHRD, Lean and Six Sigma Excellence Awards has been an event that has seen a consistent growth in terms of the number of companies participating and the quality of projects presented.

The year 2018 marks the 14th edition of this ever-evolving journey of organizing these awards and recognizing the companies implementing best-in-class methodologies.

Theme For The Year

"The applicability of streamlining concepts such as Six Sigma and Lean management have never been more relevant in the past than they are in the world today. With a stagnating world growth rate,the need to optimize and maximize profit from the minimum possible has become more significant than ever. Making an indelible impact on the industry through its existence of more than two decades now, six sigma and lean have been instrumental in the profitable functioning of several business units.

Whether working in the manufacturing or service industry, in a giant corporation or a small scale venture, serving as a corporate executive or working at a supermarket, businesses strive for small improvements which will help them to challenge the status quo, and tune processes continuously to sustain profitable growth in the long run. While the changes may be simple and imperceptible, the steady accumulation of these improvements over time make way for a holistically improved operation, without any radical innovation involved.

Achieving business objectives by driving operational excellence in the age of disruption.

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