About CEA 2023 (Former LSSEA)

The Corporate Excellence Awards give businesses a stage to showcase their industry-related projects demonstrating performance, efficiency, and productivity improvements across various fields while maintaining a central theme.

With the changing world, sustainability has evolved into the fundamental guiding principle in industries today, reflecting its growing need and awareness among consumers and industries. Corporate sustainability is depicted in a company's value framework and ethical business conduct. Businesses must recognize the importance of ethical production and consumption methods. Resource scarcity, climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution are problems brought on by increased reliance on natural resources, food loss and waste, improper handling of e-waste, and unsustainable consumption and production patterns.

In keeping with the SDGs of the UN, CEA-2023 emphasizes the need to address these problems by adopting the theme of "reimagining sustainable business practices" and moving toward responsible production and consumption. With a renewed focus on business models of start-up firms, digital transformation in business, and product innovation and management, these three new disciplines are added to raise the bar further for CEA-2023. CEA-2023 has all the necessary components to develop into a decisive battle for business corporations. The competition will be in hybrid mode, with an online preliminary round and an offline final round.

Theme For The Year

Reimagining sustainable business practices and moving towards responsible production and consumption

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