Event Categories

Event theme – Reimagining sustainable business practices and moving towards responsible production and consumption

CEA-2023 aims to enable learning and knowledge sharing in the area of Sustainability in line with the United nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. CEA-2023 also invites enthusiasm from Start-up companies with a domain dedicated for presenting their efforts and a couple of other additional domains which have relevant application in the current business scenario. CEA – 2023 invites projects under following categories

  1. Lean Six Sigma
  2. Process & Operations, Quality control, Improvement strategies, Cost cutting, Efficiency enhancement, Capacity building

  3. Supply Chain and Operations
  4. Inventory/Warehouse management, Distribution network & Delivery system, Project management, Operation strategy, R&D

  5. ESG, Sustainability & CSR
  6. Carbon neutrality, UNSDG goals, ESG strategy across three pillars – people, performance, planet

  7. Industry 4.0 and Analytics
  8. Cyber security, IoT, Augmented reality, Big data analytics, Cloud computing, Additive manufacturing, RPA, RFID, Blockchain

  9. General Management
  10. Finance, Sustainable investing, Smart capital, HR processes, HR&IT consulting, Digital marketing

  11. Start-up track
  12. Idea, Establishment, Sustenance, Financials, Innovation, Market Analysis

  13. Digital transformation in Business
  14. Service strategy, Evolution of Digital technology, Innovation & collaboration, Customer experience, Information & insights

  15. Product Innovation & Management
  16. Development of a new/redesigned/improved good or service, Problem identification, Market validation, Technology roadmap, Product management