CEA overview

It was in 2005 that the concept of Lean and Six Sigma Excellence Awards, now known as CEA (Corporate Excellence Awards), came into existence. The event's purpose was to identify, acknowledge, encourage and honour the adoption of Lean and Six Sigma methodology in the industry. From a humble beginning with 37 companies in the first year at Pune, the event consistently improved with increasing participation every year. The 2010 edition of the event saw the introduction of regional rounds at Pune, Bangalore and Delhi to cater to the increasing demand and participation. From 2011 onwards, the event has received more than 100 entries and involvement on a global scale.

The Corporate Excellence Awards offers businesses a stage to showcase their industry-related projects demonstrating performance, efficiency, and productivity improvements across various fields while maintaining a unifying theme. The revamped event encouraged recognising and appreciating innovative business activities and practices around a theme pertinent to the then- dominant corporate environment. The event facilitates the lasting relationship between industry and academia through a platform for learning and knowledge sharing.

About CEA 2023